Official Tasks

Health & Government Operations (HGO)

Since 2015, Delegate Morgan has served on the Health and Government Operations committee which is responsible for legislation relating to emergency medical services; health care; health facilities, equipment, and products; health insurance; health occupations and professions; public health, including Medicaid; and long-term care. The Committee also is concerned with laws relating to administrative law; civil rights; State government organization, procedures, and operations; and procurement.

Chair of the St. Mary's County Delegation

This is the coalition of state-level elected officials who represent St. Mary's County. As the Chair, Delegate Morgan is charged with coordinating with County Commissioners on their legislative priorities and to facilitate the legislative process to pass those priorities in Annapolis on behalf of St. Mary’s citizens. Delegate Morgan was selected to chair this Delegation in 2019.

Joint Committee on Federal Relations

Since 2019, Delegate Morgan has served on this statutory committee which is a joint committee comprised of both State Delegates and Senators. It focuses on relations between the State and federal government and certain state-local issues.

Tri-County Council Executive Committee

Delegate Morgan has served on the Executive Board of the Tri-County Council since 2015, and as the 3rd Vice Chair since 2018. For the past 50 years, the Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland has served as a forum for the resolution of region-wide issues and the attainment of regional goals. The Tri-County Council is a partnership of Federal, State and local governments, established more then fifty years ago as the regional development and planning organization for Southern Maryland.

Maryland Medicaid Advisory Committee

Delegate Morgan has served on this committee since 2015. This Committee monitors and seeks to improves the quality of the HealthChoice Program by assisting the Maryland Department of Health with the implementation, operation and evaluation of the Program.

Insurance &
Pharmaceuticals Subcommittee

Delegate Morgan has served on this standing committee since 2020 in support of legislative brought before the Health and Government Operations committee.

Health Occupations &
Long-Term Care Subcommittee

Delegate Morgan serves on this standing committee since 2020 in support of legislative brought before the Health and Government Operations committee.

Southern Maryland House Delegation

Since being elected in 2014, Delegate Morgan has represented St. Mary's County in the Southern Maryland House Delegation. This is the coalition of delegates who are elected from legislative districts in or shared by Calvert, Charles, Prince Georges or St. Mary's Counties to serve in the Maryland House of Delegates. They work on regional policy to help the entire area.


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