Two New Laws July 1st

I want to bring several significant laws that go into effect on July 1st to your attention. I mentioned the gas tax increase in a previous email yesterday and last week. If you missed that email, you can read it directly on my blog at my website.

Also going into effect on Saturday, July 1st, is the use of recreational cannabis. The new law merges medical and recreational cannabis laws. I have been a consistent vote against recreational cannabis. Still, as it is now legal, I thought I would share the guidance released from Comptroller released below that says if you have a medical cannabis card, you will avoid paying the sales tax.

I do find this ironic as many proponents of recreational cannabis pointed to it as a way to pay for the promised billions in increased spending in k-12 education. The Department of Legislative Service estimates this bill will generate a measly $19 million in revenue statewide which wouldn't even pay for the air conditioner replacement at Chopitcon High School, let alone begin to pay for the Kirwin Blue Print mandates. Like most things political, the false promise of taxing a new revenue source was more of a gimmick to win over public support than a solid fiscal solution.

Also, the next time someone on the Left says that all they want is "common-sense gun control," remind them that they helped pass HB1071. You would think the one thing the two parties would have in common is the removal of illegal firearms from our streets. Well, not so fast- this new Maryland law prohibits police from using the odor of cannabis as a reason to search a vehicle during a traffic stop. It is reported that police find 80% of illegal firearms during this type of stop.
This legislation will result in thousands of illegal firearms remaining in the hands of criminals and therefore used on citizens. It is so radical that even Governor Wes Moore refused to sign the bill, thus allowing it to go into law without his approval.

Channel 4 NBC Washington did an excellent news story on this: You can view that here: