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Public Schools - Home School Students - Extracurricular Activities (Right to Play Act of 2022)

The second bill is to allow students who are homeschooled to participate in county public schools' extracurricular programs.

As the state public school system's curriculum becomes more "woke," some parents are choosing homeschooling instead. However, these parents still pay taxes, and their children are part of our community. There's a distinction between educational curriculum and after-school activities. Homeschooling shouldn't exclude a child from participating in football, cheerleading, band, theater, or other activities.

This bill aims to end discrimination against homeschooled children in public school extracurriculars. Many other states, like Florida and Utah, have successfully implemented this. It's time for equal access to extracurricular activities for all students, regardless of their educational setting.

Research shows that participating in extracurricular activities positively affects academic performance, social skills, well-being, and college admissions. Allowing homeschooled children to join these activities provides more growth opportunities.

This bill also promotes community involvement and inclusivity by enabling homeschooled children to interact with peers in public schools. It bridges the gap between homeschooling families and the larger community, fostering unity and understanding.

We are not alone in this idea. Calvert County is submitting the same bill. Imagine if all Red Counties would take up this challenge. Many of the problems we face are not Republican vs Democrat issues. They are right vs. wrong. If we are on the side of the right, we shouldn't fear challenging the status quo.

Again, both of these bill ideas need support from our local delegation before they are submitted to the General Assembly for consideration. If you support these ideas or have questions, please don't hesitate to email my office. Please do not reply to this email; instead, send an email to my official address, and I will forward it along to the other members. [email protected]