See How Your Elected Officials Scored on Critical Issues!

During the Legislative session, my primary email focus is to get you as much information regarding legislation in real-time. One email I did not send out to the District 29 residents of Northern St. Mary's County during the legislative session was the scoring of Maryland Legislators by The American Conservative Union, better known as CPAC. In the spring of every year, CPAC typically releases its scorecards of votes made in the General Assembly from the previous year.

CPAC is a nationally recognized and reputable organization that evaluates lawmakers' voting performances from a Conservative perspective. The scorecard is crucial since it displays voting consistency and thoroughly evaluates amended bills, making it the most comprehensive report card available.It is especially significant for "Red Area" voters of our state because it scores the principles, beliefs, and values our voters want their elected officials to uphold. I am well aware of the frustration of Republican voters because many elected officials tend to make false promises to drive a local image, but once elected; they vote contrary to what they promised. Therefore, the scorecard accurately accounts for their actions rather than relying solely on their campaign statements. Below are the rankings of all state representatives for Northern St. Mary's - District 29A.

I'm delighted to once again obtain a Gold Star rating from CPAC and the Center for Legislative Accountability. I am proud to say I have once again kept my campaign promises and received a gold star with a 94%.

Suppose you are on my list and live in another area of the state or want more information on what legislation was scored. In that case, I strongly urge you to review their report and find exactly where your representatives stand on critical issues.

MARYLAND SCORECARD Rankings (Web Version)

MARYLAND SCORECARD Full Packet and legislation (PDF Version)