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Majority of Marylanders Favor

I hope you are doing well. One thing that frustrates me is how conservative ideas and solutions are often misrepresented as radical or uncommon by the Democratic Party, their allies in the media, and sometimes even by members of the Republican Party.

I would like to share some important insights from the latest statewide Gonzalez poll. Part 1 of Poll: https://www.marylandmatters.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Gonzales-Poll-Part-1-Maryland-Statewide-February-2024.pdf

The fact that a statewide poll supports our conservative legislative agenda should give us confidence. While our views may differ from those of the Left, I find it refreshing and encouraging that we find common ground with the majority of Marylanders on important issues across all demographic sectors.

Poll Results


On the topic of transportation, I have been harping for a few years about the problem of mass transit disproportionally draining the Transportation Trust Fund. In my opinion, the Transportation Trust Fund is being asked to do too much, and overwhelmingly, the public wants their bridges and roads maintained and improved. I have introduced legislation to do just that, so I am pretty excited to have a statewide poll that reinforces those convictions.

QUESTION: Transportation Funding Higher Priority Which of the following should receive the higher priority regarding transportation funding in the state? Maintaining and improving the roads and bridges in Maryland, or Maintaining and improving mass transit in Maryland, such as buses, light rail, and MARC trains?

Public Safety - Theft of a Firearm

It has been a frustrating few years for law-abiding gun owners when activist groups like Moms Demand Action have time and time again focused on gun violence but refuse actually to support legislation that cracks down on criminals. For at least the last five years, the House Republicans have tried to close this loophole of the theft of a firearm. In Maryland, firearm theft is treated the same as if a criminal stole a TV or some other item with a monetary value less than $1,500. Our attempts to increase the penalty have consistently been voted down by the Democratic majority. As it turns out, the voice of Maryland is clear and resolute on this issue: an overwhelming majority, 88% to be precise, stand with us in believing that possession of a stolen gun should not just be illegal but classified as a felony.

To read the rest please click the READ More link below:

QUESTION: Felony To Possess Stolen Firearm Currently, in Maryland, possessing a stolen firearm is only a misdemeanor. Do you agree or disagree that possessing a stolen firearm should be a felony?

Mandatory 10-Year Prison for Dealing Fentanyl

On the topic of drug dealing fentanyl, the public is clearly frustrated and wants the problem stopped. A massive 83% support a mandatory penalty of at least ten years in prison for anyone convicted of selling drugs laced with fentanyl if the drug results in death.

A Narrative Redefined

As you can see, the survey data reveals that a conservative legislative agenda is far from being on the fringe, contrary to what the media and the Left would have you believe. Our positions align with the opinions of the majority of Marylanders who value fiscal responsibility, limited government intervention, and individual liberties. This affirmation should strengthen our resolve to champion the issues we care about, such as lower taxes, job creation, and upholding constitutional rights. Your voice matters, and let's continue working together, engaging in thoughtful discussions, and promoting policies that contribute to the betterment of Maryland and the well-being of its residents.