Data Shows Marylanders Leaving!

I found two charts from the Comptroller's State of the Economy report that are particularly interesting, and I wanted to share them.

For the first time since World War II, the state of Maryland has decreased in population. What is interesting in the chart below is that the domestic migration of Marylanders leaving our state is at a higher rate than the international migration to Maryland. 

Of course, many of the Marylanders leaving are Marylanders of means.

In summary, those departing are financially more secure, while many of those entering are often less affluent and unauthorized. (That is the politically correct language for Illegal.)

This is why I feel so strongly about fighting back against this insanity and holding Democrats accountable for the results of the policies they have created.  Crime is up because of the soft-on-crime laws their party has unilaterally passed. Education is down despite a nearly $4 billion dollar increase in the last three years. We have a cost of living and housing affordability problem that you can blame squarely on the socialistic policies of the Left. It is high time we acknowledge the regressive nature of Maryland's tax policy, which tears families apart by forcing retirees to seek refuge beyond our state borders.

It also explains why Annapolis Democrats, for the last few years, have pushed to incentivize illegal immigration as an attempt to replace Americans leaving and, in many cases, fleeing Maryland. 

We will again tackle the subject of subsidizing the cost of Healthcare for Illegal Aliens as Annapolis Democrats push for a California-style bill that will cost the taxpayers about a billion dollars extra per year.

In conclusion, the battle for fiscal responsibility and conservative values in Maryland holds greater significance than ever before. If you've grown weary of this madness, let your voice be heard. Stay tuned as the 2024 Legislative session begins on Wednesday.