Candidacy Announcement

Today I filed my candidacy for re-election to the Maryland House of Delegates.

Representing St. Mary’s County citizens in the Maryland General Assembly, a body that first convened in 1632, has been a great privilege and an honor for me.  Over the last eight years, I feel that I have represented our community to the best of my ability. 

As the St. Mary’s County Delegation Chair, I have worked with our County Commissioners to pass legislation to ensure an efficient local government.  I have secured state resources for education, roads, and bridge projects for our area.  In addition, I have worked with state agencies on behalf of many constituents.  As your Delegate, I have passed a wide range of legislation, from making the government more accountable to the taxpayer to legislation that ensures no monopoly exists in the distribution of pharmaceuticals.

I’ve looked for opportunities to work across the aisle and have been involved in many bipartisan efforts with my Democratic colleagues whenever possible.  However, I am not hesitant to stand in fierce opposition to the Democrat party when their policies run contrary to our shared conservative values.  I will continue to defend the Founders’ tenet of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, for all Maryland Citizens.

For far too long, I have felt that politicians will tell you what you want to hear during election time.  They cater to you for your vote, but when there is a crisis whether it’s COVID, the “defund the police” movement, or the endless and senseless mandates and restrictions, their voices remain silent.  

Unfortunately, too many politicians simply do not dare to stand up for what they believe is right.  Instead, they have become “risk-averse” and have chosen to do what is personally and politically easy for them instead of standing up for the beliefs and the values of the people who elected them.   

I made a campaign promise that I would not be silent, that I would fight and negotiate for the best outcome for my constituents.  I am proud to say that I have lived up to my promises.

I look forward to running a tough and aggressive campaign; a campaign which talks about not only the problems we all face, such as inflation, crime, and issues in our schools but also a campaign which proposes solutions to those challenges. 

If I am lucky enough to be re-elected to represent St. Mary’s County once again, constituents can trust that I will continue to fight on their behalf.  I will strive to implement our ideas and solutions and always do my best to make government work for the citizens, not against them.

To volunteer with my campaign, please sign up here:

For immediate release: Contact: Louisa Baucom 443-386-5191 [email protected]