Call to action: Tax increases coming

House Democrats seem to have veered off track. As I've mentioned in recent interviews, HB1515 appears to be a deep fake, and it seems clear that Annapolis Democrats had no intention of passing that bill. Today, as reported to the Baltimore Banner, House Democrats unveiled their budget, which includes other massive proposed tax hikes.

Here's what House Democrats are proposing:

  • Legalizing internet gambling, also known as "iGaming": $300 million
  • Changing vehicle registration fees so that large vehicles pay more: $250 million
  • Enacting a corporate tax reform known as "combined reporting" on LLCs: $225 million
  • Applying the vehicle excise tax to trade-ins: $155 million
  • Increasing the vehicle excise tax from 6% to 6.5%: $100 million
  • Increasing a vehicle registration surcharge to fund trauma centers: $85 million
  • Increasing tolls: $75 million
  • Adding a 75-cent fee on rides through ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft: $45 million
  • Increasing fines for endangering road workers: $30 million
  • Increasing registration fees for electric vehicles: $20 million
  • Adding an excise tax on firearms and ammunition: $20 million

A total of $1.3 billion in new taxes is proposed to fund the costly and failing Kirwan Education policy and address the deficit in the Transportation Trust Fund caused by mass transit.

We are only a few days away from crossover and will be on the House Floor voting on legislation on Saturday. Marylanders are struggling with the high cost of everything from groceries to utility bills and can not afford these reckless financial decisions. All Delegates represent the citizens of Maryland. I highly suggest emailing and calling the ruling party Delegates and telling them you can not afford the results of their failed policies. Tell them to vote NO to any tax or fee increases.

Here is a link to the members of the General Assembly: