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Auto Thefts Lawsuit

Press Release and a corresponding letter to Baltimore City Mayor Scott and Police Commissioner Harrison on Baltimore City's lawsuit on auto thefts.  

Baltimore City Auto Thefts at All-Time High

Maryland Legislators Urge City to Do More Than Join Lawsuit Against Hyundai

BALTIMORE, MD – Prominent conservative Republican legislators have issued a letter to Mayor Scott and Commissioner Harrison of Baltimore City in response to the recent lawsuit against Hyundai and Kai due to their vehicles' alleged susceptibility to theft.

"If the City is going to hold car manufacturers responsible for car thefts, they must also send a clear message that Baltimore City will not tolerate carjackings or auto theft and that those who commit these crimes will be held accountable," said Delegate Matt Morgan. 

"The fatherless capital of the USA is blaming auto manufacturers for car thefts in Baltimore." said former Baltimore resident Delegate Mark Fisher. "Based on the police crime data, I'd suggest a plan that focuses on the root cause of crime rather than laying the blame on car manufacturers.

According to data from the Baltimore Police Department, there have been 2,200 auto thefts and 159 carjackings in the 5½ months of this year. Last year, there were 2,473 auto thefts, but only 397 arrests were made, and only 7 led to a guilty prosecution

The legislators are asking that Baltimore City not just focus on creating awareness and helping people protect their vehicles but also invest in better technology and other strategies to ensure criminals are caught and prosecuted appropriately. The legislators stand ready to support any legislation needed in the upcoming legislative session to get more criminals apprehended, prosecuted, and incarcerated when they engage in carjackings or auto theft. 

"We hear from so many citizens across the state that they are fearful of visiting Baltimore City because of crime and auto thefts," said Delegate Lauren Arikan. "We are ready to help Baltimore City address the crime crisis and urge the Mayor and Police Commissioner to make Baltimore City safe for the residents and visitors." ​