No Tax Increases, Promise

Remember a few years ago when Maryland had budget surpluses? In January, Governor Wes Moore and lawmakers came to Annapolis with a historic $5.5 billion budget reserve. 

News that those days are over does not surprise me one bit!

This past March, when we were in the middle of the legislative session, the Comptroller's Office announced we had a nearly $500- million dollar write down. It doesn't take an economic genius to figure out that the economy was slowing down and that State Government would have to tighten its financial belt just like many families across our state have done. Unfortunately, I was one of only a handful of Republicans and the only one in the St. Mary's Delegation to vote against Governor Moore's bloated Budget. Go figure.....

Next year's fiscal Budget is expected to have a deficit of $418- million. However, the more significant concern is the Democrats' promise to the teacher's union of future spending that could amount to billions of dollars.

I have said before that every dollar the government spends is a dollar it must take from citizens. Maryland does not have a revenue problem, but it certainly has a spending problem. Given the promises made by the Governor and the Legislature's history of spending money, it seems unlikely that spending will be cut.

Excess government spending presents a genuine concern that tax increases are imminent. I assure you that I will remain consistent in my words and actions, unlike many politicians, including those in my party, who say one thing during campaigning and then act differently once elected.

Let me reiterate my campaign promises!

I will NOT vote to raise taxes, period.

I will not vote for a tax increase for any reason or situation.

If there is a push for any revenue-generating gimmick or new and increased taxes, rest assured I will let you know.