Primary and Secondary Education – Student Discipline
(Right to Teach Act of 2020)

Support the "Right to Teach Act."  The bill aims to empower teachers to remove repetitively disruptive students from the classroom.

classroom2-770x514.pngWhen I ask parents what they are most concerned about when it comes to their child's education, the one primary concern that gets raised over and over is the discipline in the classroom.  They tell me that there are students in their child's classroom who are regularly disruptive, often to the point where no real teaching can occur, and no one can learn.  I am not talking about the normal run-of-the-mill disruptions. This is not simply a matter of students talking when they’re supposed to be listening or passing notes in class. This is yelling, arguing, fighting, and even assaulting teachers and other students.

This bill is a solution- it puts the teacher back in control of his or her classroom. Modeled after a long-standing program in Texas, the Right to Teach Act of 2020 would allow teachers to remove a student from their classrooms who have established patterns of disruptive and often violent behavior. School administrators would not be allowed to return a student to that classroom without the approval of the teacher. 

When a student enters a school, there should be a certain expectation of appropriate behavior and decorum in the classroom.  Constantly disruptive students infringe on the right of education of all other students and create an environment that is not conducive to learning. 

Support our petition to bring a reasonable order back to our classrooms.

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