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Taxes and Immigration

We have passed the halfway mark! I’d like to take a moment to update you on the legislation that I presented this week. I welcome your thoughts and feedback.

HB 888- Income Tax - Expensing of Business Property and Bonus Depreciation - Recoupling With Federal Law

Small_Business_writeoff.jpgIn keeping with my pro-business stance, I once again introduced legislation that would allow businesses to accelerate depreciation for newly purchased equipment up to $500,000 in line with Federal law.

  • The small business impact is great because it encourages purchasing of new equipment and allows the business to free up more cash immediately allowing them to reinvest back in their company and to have more cash to hire more people. 
  • Currently our state is not as competitive as neighboring area because all neighboring areas. West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware are all coupled with the Federal law. This puts Maryland in an uncompetitive position for increasing business growth and leaves Maryland businesses behind.

Shawn Salta, VP of DirectMail, based in Calvert County came to Annapolis to testify on behalf of this bill. Shawn spoke about the regressive tax policies of Virginia which resulted in his company making the decision to relocate to Maryland. He very clearly highlighted the need for better policy over all that would truly make Maryland and keep Maryland “open for business”. I thank him for his testimony, and his time.

Click here for more information on this bill.

HB 911- Motor Fuel Tax Rates- Consumer Price Index Adjustment- Repeal

Since 2013, the gas tax has been linked to the Consumer Price Index, meaning gas tax increases with inflation. Each and every year you get an automatic tax increase that no one had to vote for. I believe this is wrong. I believe tax increases should be carefully considered along with all pertinent factors, and that legislators should have to vote on it.

The effects of this automatic tax increase puts our state at a competitive disadvantage to neighboring states. An example is nearby Dahlgren, VA where the average cost for gas is $1.97 per gallon yet gas in Mechanicsville, MD is $2.30 per gallon.  On Sunday mornings the Walmart across the bridge is filled with cars with Maryland license plates, why? The price of fuel is so much cheaper, folks are going to fuel up, and staying to do their shopping.

Having the gas tax linked to CPI is a problem that will only get worse over time.  It’s time to cancel it.

Click here for more information on this bill.

Click here to see how Maryland gas tax compares to other states.

You won't believe this one.  HB 1362 
Maryland Law Enforcement and Governmental Trust Act 

This bill is a pro- illegal immigration bill specifically designed to protect persons who are here unlawfully.

The bill would prohibit Maryland law enforcement from turning over to the federal authorities illegal immigrants who have been arrested in Maryland for a crime. I believe illegal immigration hurts Americans. With limited financial resources, I believe Maryland should focus on helping our own. I oppose this bill.

Click here for more information on this bill.

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