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State Authorizes Power to Sue Trump

Last week the House and Senate took up a joint resolution, SJ 5 and HJ 3 for the express purpose of transferring authority from the Governor and the General Assembly to the Office of the Attorney General to sue the federal government at his sole will and discretion.

Supporters of this resolution claim that this is necessary because of what they are calling President Trump’s “Muslim ban”. It is interesting to note, as my colleague and the House Minority Leader, Delegate Nic Kipke pointed out on the House Floor, that under Governor O’Malley, Maryland did not consider suing the federal government when President Obama blocked travel from Haiti after that country suffered a devastating earthquake.

It is also important to clarify that this bill gives absolute authority to use taxpayer dollars to sue the federal government on any issue for any reason, covering a wide range of political disputes over immigration, the ACA, national and state security, and anything else Attorney General Frosh can think of- WITHOUT OVERSIGHT.

What I found perhaps the most interesting is that the resolution’s fiscal note clearly stated that the office of the Attorney General could carry out its implementation with existing funds- meaning no additional money would have to be allotted. Less than  3 hours after passing the resolution on the House Floor, I sat in committee and heard discussion on HB 913, a bill to give the Office of the Attorney General a million dollars in additional funds to implement the resolution. That’s being disingenuous with your tax dollars!

Legitimate discussion can be had regarding President Trump’s agenda, however giving the vast authority and money to the sole discretion of one man, without oversight into perpetuity will result only in that authority being used to further a personal political agenda. I disagree with playing politics with taxpayer dollars, and I voted NO.

The hearing for HB913 starts at exactly the one hour mark.  Watch the Committee hearing

ALERT- Road Kill Bill Repeal Has a Hearing

Governor Hogan’s emergency legislation to repeal legislative mandated scoring system which threatens 66 top priority transportation projects, including several important roads projects in St. Mary’s County had a hearing on February 22, in the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee. Please take the time to call or email the members of the committee and tell them to vote YES on the repeal.

 Local Interest- Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs to Connect Small Businesses in Southern Maryland to State Contracting Opportunities.

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Maryland procurement professionals will help small businesses in Southern Maryland connect to state contracting opportunities during the Ready, Set, GROW! Procurement Connection Workshop on Tuesday, February 28, 2017. The Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs is conducting the free workshop at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

For more information, contact the Minority Affairs’ Small Business Outreach Manager Eduardo Hayden at 410-697-9606 or [email protected].