Speaking Out

All of us should be horrified by Annapolis Democrats' plan for Maryland. It cannot stand, and we must make sure our voices are heard against it.

Today there were several bills that passed the House I know you would disagree with. At the top of the list is HB 547, which allocates additional taxpayer money to the Earned Income Tax Credit with a sizable amount of money reserved for illegal aliens. This money could be better spent helping our citizens. This plan is an insult to all those who followed the proper process for immigrating to this country, and it's unfair to expect our taxpayers to foot the bill for people who have broken our immigration laws.

Up next is HB 705, a bill that seeks to solidify abortion in the Maryland Constitution. This has been an issue of contention since the overturning of Roe vs. Wade; it must be noted that Maryland already holds some of the most progressive and tolerant laws on abortion nationwide.

After that, HB 119 would push gender ideology onto children - a direct attack on parental rights. In addition, the bill can withhold up to 20% of funding from the state if the local school board disagrees with implementing the state education curriculum. 

And then there's HB 556, the cannabis legislation that looks like it was written by a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) intern with the only goal of equal outcomes and pushing pot shops into the rural areas of our state. Many people voted for the recreational cannabis referendum in the last election solely in the hopes of it bringing in additional educational revenue. The Department of Legislative Service estimates this legislation only brings in a pathic $19 million worth of revenue. To put that into perspective, the education budget in state dollars is over $11 billion. Over the years, Maryland politicians have promised to pay for education spending increases with gimmicks such as the lottery, slots, table gaming, additional Casinos, and sports betting. Now you can add recreational cannabis to the list of programs that were sold to voters as a fiscal solution but ended up falling short.

Finally, we come to HB 535, allowing the majority party to manipulate elections further by authenticating unsigned mail-in ballots via text messaging. Not only is this potentially vulnerable to fraud, but it also undermines the integrity of our democratic system. 

Annapolis Democrats like to say we are not like DC. Still, after Wednesday, when Republicans offered 17 common-sense amendments, not a single one was accepted, leaving many believing we may be headed in an even worse direction.

I urge everyone to stay aware of the issues that concern you and make your opinions known. Only through collective action can we have a say in the laws being passed in Maryland. Together, let's stand up for our rights and protect our state from these damaging policies! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you join me in speaking out against this insanity.