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Session Update - March 4, 2019

It is getting pretty busy in Annapolis but I wanted to share some updates on my legislation.

HB 1018-St. Mary's County - Public Safety - Special Police Officers Pilot Program

This legislation makes a small change in who can hire and assign Special Police Officers, with the intent to utilize SPO’s as a supplement to our County’s School safety initiatives. It allows a government entity such as the Sheriff, to request a special police officer (SPO) and allows them to be placed at local schools with written consent from the school system.  I believe this could have a strong and meaningful effect on the ability to achieve our goal of having a qualified armed officer at every school that wants them.  I thank the Sheriff and the County Board of Commissioners for their support of this legislation.

LTCBillHearing.jpgHB 609 - Income Tax - Credit for Long-Term Care Premiums

This bill allows a taxpayer to claim a tax credit against State Income tax equal to 100% of the eligible long term care premium paid during the taxable year for long term care insurance covering the taxpayer, spouse, parent, stepparent child or stepchild.

Having an annual tax credit on premiums incentivizes people to plan earlier for long term care and will prevent folks from ending up on Medicaid, having spent their savings and assets for long term care costs.

HB 1261 – Volunteer Fire Company and Rescue Squads - Member Disability and Death Benefits - Appeals Process

This legislation was requested constituents, lifetime volunteer Firemen in Leonardtown. The legislation seeks to establish an appeals board and appeals process for volunteer firefighters and rescue squad members who have been injured and have had their application for benefits denied by the Board of Trustees. Currently, the only thing in place for such cases is to take it to litigation. This bill seeks to provide a median step for a mutual resolution.

Upcoming Hearing

HB 546 Criminal Procedure - Supervised Probation - Convicted Sex Offenders

This legislation would require that a convicted sex offender’s length of parole/probation be the same amount of time that they are required to be on the sex offender registry.

Bill would tie sex offenders' probation to time on sex registry

Hearing on March 6th in Judiciary at 1pm.  If you are interested in submitting testimony, or appearing in person to testify, please contact my office.