See How Your Elected Officials Scored

One of the real frustrations for voters in Red areas is this ongoing issue of electing Republicans, hoping for conservative action, only to watch these officials turn around and act like Democrats once in office.

I've seen it with my own eyes. On the campaign trail, I've seen Republican candidates say the right words about fighting to cut taxes and promoting small government policies. Some even have those slogans printed on their signs. Still, once elected, they vote for tax and fee increases and massive government spending, resulting in debt service payments skyrocketing and a higher cost of living for all of us.

They often say the correct words, but living up to their words is a challenge.

I, however, take great pride in voting and following through with my promises.  

The American Conservative Union, commonly called CPAC, is a nationally recognized and reputable organization that plays a significant role in the conservative political landscape. Each spring, CPAC releases its scorecards, which are comprehensive evaluations of lawmakers' performance based on their votes on amended legislation in the Maryland General Assembly from the previous year.

CPAC's scorecard offers a vital benchmark for evaluating lawmakers' performance from a Conservative perspective. Their ratings of Maryland, which delve into critical issues like Second Amendment rights, government regulations, and DEI initiatives, are significant. This comprehensive scorecard empowers constituents, clearly assessing how their elected officials align with conservative principles.

This scorecard is a key resource for 'Red Areas' constituents who want to ensure their elected officials represent their conservative values. It also highlights just how unified and far Left the Democratic Party has become.

CPAC recognizes the following members of the Maryland State Legislature for earning CPAC's Award for Conservative Excellence for voting with the conservative position at least 90% of the time during the 2023 session.

Robin Grammer (100%)

Lauren Arikan (97%)

William Valentine (97%)

William Wivell (97%)

Mark Fisher (97%)

Matthew Morgan (94%)

Terry Baker (93%)

Nino Mangione (93%)

Jefferson Ghrist (93%)

Nicholaus Kipke (92%)

Kathy Szeliga (91%)

I'm delighted to be Gold Star rated again, with a 94% score for the second year in a row.

Please take the time to review the CPAC reports to understand how other legislators have fared. This will enable you to make informed decisions about your representatives and ensure their actions align with your values.

See how your Delegate and Senator voted.....