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Restoration of Funds for Charlotte Hall Veterans Home

April 07, 2021

Two weeks ago, I reported that the BRFA contained one concerning committee amendment, removing a million dollars from the Charlotte Hall Veteran's Home. Charlotte Hall Veterans home is the only Veterans home for elderly and disabled veterans in Maryland. I highlighted this concern by speaking out against it on the House floor, which resulted in many constituent emails, Facebook posts, and news media outlets to cover the story. Today, I am proud to say the money has been returned, and I reconfirmed this on the House Floor. It pays to speak up, and in this case, it produced a million dollars to the Veterans Home.

I want to thank everyone who emailed and shared the post on Facebook on behalf of our veterans. Bringing attention to this issue was integral to a successful resolution. Here is the video from the House Floor session reconfirming the funding.

I want to thank Senator Michael Jackson for his commitment to our elderly veterans. I also want to thank the House Appropriations Committee for concurring with the Senate and keeping Charlotte Hall Veterans' Home funded.