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Parental Rights Fight

It is disturbing to see the ongoing trend of over-sexualizing children.  Unfortunately, some Progressives are committed to training your kids from kindergarten with inappropriate sexual education.

I believe that small children from pre-k to 3rd grade should be learning basic math and reading skills and playing outside in the sunshine.  Kids need time to be kids and should have an opportunity to learn without the burden of a particular social agenda forced on them.

On the House Floor last Thursday, my colleague, Delegate Kathy Szeliga, offered a straightforward amendment with the simple provision: “no sexual orientation or gender identity instruction should be given to kids from kindergarten through the 3rd grade that is not age-appropriate.”

If you think this amendment sounds logical and reasonable, you would be surprised to learn that the House Democrats strongly opposed this measure.

In a contentious Floor debate, Democrats accused supporters of the amendment of pushing a “Don’t Say Gay” policy.  The truth is, the Left feels that they have the right and the duty to teach “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to your kids, children as young as five years old.

I stood on the House Floor in support of the amendment.  However, I don’t believe that it is anyone’s right to teach other peoples’ elementary school-aged children topics such as gender identity and sexual orientation.  This would be the responsibility of the parents.

You can read more about the contentious floor debate in the Maryland Matters article:


Here is a picture of the vote for the amendment.