One of Our Priority Bills

One week to go in the 2023 Legislative Session, and I want to alert you to an important bill hung up in the judiciary committee for some unknown reason.  HB233 is legislation introduced by a friend of mine, Baltimore County Delegate Robin Grammer (R), and it was one of our priority bills going into this session. The bill stems from a constituent of Delegate Grammer's who had a horrific situation of a relative molesting her daughter. The constituent's relative was fired months earlier for watching child porn while at work. However, since the law has not caught up to the technology, streaming child pornography is not illegal in Maryland, no arrests on those grounds were made, and the mother never knew why her relative was fired. Obviously, if she knew, she wouldn't have left her 6-year-old daughter alone with the relative. This legislation has been in limbo all session, but I understand this bill is on the committee vote sheet for today. It's time to close the MD child porn loophole and throw these creeps in jail. Maryland cannot become a sanctuary for pedophiles.

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