New Governor in Town

As the 2023 legislative session begins, I am proud to represent you and our shared interests again. This session marks a new administration and starts with many new faces in both the House and Senate Chambers.

This past Wednesday, Maryland welcomed a new Governor, Wes Moore, whose inaugural speech set the tone for his administration's intentions. His speech was interesting. Governor Moore has kept a lot of ideas close to the vest, and let's face it; the media could have done a better job of vetting the Governor during the campaign. Here is a link to his speech, and I encourage everyone to watch it.

On Thursday, Governor Moore's first official press conference outlined his priorities. Governor Moore devoted $69 million of the State's surplus to support priorities such as climate policies, cannabis reform, paid leave, and abortion tourism.

Many citizens are dealing with real economic problems, and I am concerned that the majority party and the new administration's priorities are not aligned with citizens' concerns.