Mask, Crime and Victory

I wanted to update you on several topics that may interest you. 

If you are receiving my newsletter for the first time, I want to thank you for answering our poll and signing my petition to stop the inflationary gas tax increase.  One of my top priorities as an elected official is to keep you informed on your state government’s interworking.  Therefore, I will send out a weekly email on essential topics during the legislative session, and I encourage and welcome your feedback.

This year we have had many ill-thought-out proposals, but one bill was awful and received a quick and decisive response from the public!

HB 181 - was introduced to remove all references to GOD from the Maryland State Constitution.

One of the founding tenets of America is that our rights are divinely endowed.  Therefore, they are rightfully called “inalienable” in our Constitution.  Removing references to God removes the origins of YOUR natural rights.  That is concerning because we have seen play out in history where governments that have taken away God have replaced natural rights with permissions.  Permissions that are granted by the government are not the same as rights.  Permission given by the government can be taken away by that very same government with only a stroke of a pen and at any given time.

My office and many others received many emails from outraged citizens against this terrible bill.  Because of the outcry, the bill’s sponsor withdrew the bill.  Marylanders stood strong together to defend against this blatant attack on the very foundation of our lives and culture!

Mask Mandate in Schools

Recently, several states, including some very blue states like New Jersey and Delaware, have set dates or have lifted the indoor mask mandate forced upon our children at school.

I have heard from many concerned parents pleading for Maryland to end this mandate.  The science has shown that non-medical grade face coverings are ineffective at stopping transmission, and I feel it is time to end the mandates.  I sent a letter to the Speaker of the House asking for a return to normalcy.  Additionally, along with the House Republican Caucus, I called upon the State Board of Education and the Superintendent of Schools to end the mask mandate for our children.  Yesterday, Governor Hogan added his voice to the call to remove the mandates.

Unfortunately, the State Board of Education has instead dug in its heels and is recommitted to forcing our children to wear face coverings.  We trust the people in education to be intelligent enough to make evidence-based decisions.  The State Board of Education President, Mr. Crawford’s response to Governor Hogan, is an embarrassment.  His letter reiterates just how ill-informed their decisions have been regarding COVID from the beginning.

He recommitted forcing children to wear face coverings that have been ineffective at stopping transmission.  He talks about required vaccination rates when vaccines have proven ineffective in preventing COVID transmission. There is no consideration that many kids, teachers, and parents have attained natural immunity.      

The Maryland State Board of Education proves that when you have unelected bureaucrats with authority to make major unilateral decisions, constituents have very little recourse in changing those decisions.  Therefore, I call upon the State Board to follow the science, change course, and immediately allow the decision to mask children to be made by the parents.


Americans are increasingly concerned with the rising crime in our cities and communities, even while policies are being implemented in areas like Baltimore City and Montgomery County that encourage crime by not prosecuting people who commit crimes!

I am committed to not allowing that type of poor decision to impact the rest of the state.  Therefore, I have co-sponsored the Governor’s crime package, which includes measures to increase truth in sentencing and plea deals, and the violent firearms offender act.  The truth in sentencing legislation gives the state a greater ability to appeal a trial court’s decision in the cases of violent crimes committed with firearms.  It also prohibits the pre-trial release of a defendant awaiting trial for a violent crime committed with a firearm.