Make sure you fill up today!

Make sure you fill up your gas tank today!

Gas Tax Increase

Like you, I have watched the price rise every time I fill the tank.  This past session, I offered legislation to stop this automatic tax increase from going into effect.  But unfortunately, Democrats unilaterally voted down the bill.  As a result, the gas tax will go up by 18% per gallon on Friday.  This will bring the total state gas tax to 43 cents per gallon and 61 cents per gallon if you account for the federal tax!   

With a $7 billion surplus in state coffers right now, it would seem that the time is right to loosen the tight fist clenched on your hard-earned money and suspend the gas tax increase.  As inflation continues to rise and the cost of groceries and other necessities climbing, many of us are continuing to urge the Legislature to do the right thing and reconvene so that we can vote on this small measure to help the citizens of Maryland.  If you would like to watch the floor debate of this amendment, you can find it here: