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Lower Taxes and Healthcare

HC_law.jpgThis year I have sponsored legislation with the primary focus of lowering taxes and the lowering the cost of healthcare.   

Here is a rundown of those bills that I have introduced. I welcome comments and testimony. If you are interested in providing testimony, either written or in person in Annapolis, to any of these bills, please get in touch with my office.


HB 1509- Maryland Health Benefit Exchange – Individual Exchange – Copper Plans to Lower Rates

This bill will enable the creation of “Copper” Health Insurance Plans. These plans will provide catastrophic and major medical insurance in the individual market for a significantly lower premium.

Hearing: March 5th at 1pm in House Health and Government Operations 

HB 1377- Income Tax - Subtraction Modification - Income from Retirement Plans

This bill gives the same tax break to taxpayers who have a privately funded retirement plan, (IRA, 401K) that the General Assembly passed last year for first responders.

Hearing: March 9th at 1pm House Ways and Means

HB 948- Estates and Trusts – Transfer From Revocable Trust – Exemption from Tax

This bill, with amendment, will exempt real property and vehicles from recordation, transfer and excise taxes when transferring the property upon the settlor’s death.

Hearing: February 28th at 1pm in House Health and Government Operations

HB 1608- Real Property - Trust Money - Escrow Trust Accounts

This bill will protect both home buyers and sellers by laying out uniform standard requirements for the handling of escrow money.

Hearing: March 6th at 1pm in House Environment and Transportation

HB 1376- Pharmacy Benefits - Processing and Adjudication of Claims - Restrictions on Fees

This bill will help local pharmacies keep their prices low and consistent by disallowing PBM’s (Pharmacy Benefits Managers) from charging local pharmacies unlimited and undisclosed fees on Rx several months after the point of purchase.

Hearing: March 8th at 1pm in House Health and Government Operations

Over 3,000 bills have been introduced this legislative session. If you would like to see a list of all the bills I have sponsored and co-sponsored, along with links to text, related documents, and hearing dates, you can access that information here: Delegate Morgan Session Legislation

Highlighted Bills

HB 99/ SB 134 Small Business Relief Tax Credit

Passage Of The Small Business Relief Tax Credit Is Essential Following The Action Of Legislators To Implement A Deeply Flawed Paid Sick Leave Proposal.

The Governor’s Proposal Provides a Tax Credit Up to $1,000 Per-Employee to Small Businesses Employing Less Than 50 Workers. “A small business that hires a qualified employee may claim a credit against the State income tax in the amount stated on the tax credit certificate issued under subsection (d) of this section. For each taxable year, the credit allowed under this section may not exceed the lesser of: an amount that equals $1,000 for each qualified employee; or an amount that equals the total amount of qualified employer benefits accrued by all qualified employees of the small business.” (“Senate Bill 134,” Maryland General Assembly, 1/11/18)   

The Felony Human Trafficking Act of 2018 classifies felony human trafficking as a violent crime, ensuring that offenders will be held truly accountable. The Repeat Sexual Predator Prevention Act of 2018 mirrors legislation that was proposed by the governor during the 2017 session and has received bipartisan support for nearly a decade. The bill allows courts to admit evidence of a criminal defendant’s prior history of sexual crimes or abuse if he or she is prosecuted for subsequent sexual offenses

A terrible bill that I am very concerned about is being considered in the Senate (SB 190) and would have required Maryland to turn over lists of registered voters to international election observers.  The bill also gave them access to polling locations, and the right to be present in the polling location for the entire election process, until the completion of all tasks associated with the closing of the polls. This deeply flawed bill was recommitted to the committee and hopefully will not see the light of day again for the rest of session.


Every year, each Senator and Delegate in the Maryland General Assembly receives legislative scholarship funds through the Maryland Higher Education Commission to award to their constituents who are pursuing higher education. If you live in District 29A in the Northern portion of St. Mary's County and are pursuing a degree, you may qualify to receive an award from the Office of Delegate Matt Morgan. You must be enrolled in a Maryland Institute of Higher Education, or have an approved “unique major” status from MHEC to attend an out of state school. To apply for “unique major status” please visitwww.mhec.state.md.us

You can obtain the instructions and materials for this year’s scholarships at www.voteformattmorgan.com or by calling the office at 410-841-3170

Complete Scholarship applications must be postmarked by May 1, 2018.