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Fundraiser - September 8th

Saturday night, September 8th I will be hosting our Annual Fundraiser at Bowles Farm.  This event serves as our campaign’s largest fundraiser and in all likelihood, will be our last fundraiser before the 2018 election.

The 2018 Elections are right around the corner, this November with early voting starting October 25th. My goal for this event is to raise money for our campaign and perhaps more importantly, to organize and to get people involved in the upcoming election.  We have a generational opportunity this coming year to address some of the major problems that have affected our state and to finally bring some political balance to the state of Maryland though Constitutionally sound and fair redistricting.  If you are like me and got tired of watching politicians making bad decisions and thought of becoming more hands-on and involved with politics, volunteering with a campaign is a worthy cause- this is a good event to get your feet wet.

More details to come but you may purchase event sponsorship and tickets in advance online by clicking the link: https://secure.anedot.com/morgan29a/cb1adedae394415dc328e 

Click HERE for the event flyer.