January 25, 2021

Last week marked the 442nd convening of the Maryland General Assembly for the 2021 legislative session.

This year's session looks very different, amid the ongoing pandemic and the General Assembly's efforts to minimize spread, while we meet for the constitutionally required convening of the General Assembly.

One of the most significant differences is that the public buildings and State House are closed to the general public. While you may not come to Annapolis in person, know that my office is available by e-mail and phone to hear your concerns and comments. A new system has been set up to accommodate remote testimony as well. Comprehensive information can be found on the Maryland General Assembly website and helpful video tutorials to help you participate in the legislative process.

Video tutorials link:


  • All written testimony must be submitted via MyMGA on the MGA website. To sign up to testify either orally or in writing, you must register to use the MyMGA website with a legitimate e-mail address that can be verified.
  • For guidance on using the MyMGA portal, create your account, and navigate the witness sign-up and testimony submission features, refer to the two video tutorials on the Maryland General Assembly website.
  • All testimony (written and oral) must be submitted between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM two (2) business days before the bill's hearing.
  • All written testimony must have a:
  • Visible bill number
  • Indicate support, opposed, or support with amendments.
  • Name and address of the person testifying
  • Organization represented, if appropriate
  • After you have signed up to provide oral testimony for a bill hearing, you will receive an e-mail (sent to the address associated with your MyMGA account) informing you whether you have or have not been selected to testify at the bill hearing. If you have been chosen to testify orally, you will receive an e-mail containing the zoom link for the hearing. You will be admitted to the hearing when that specific bill is called. You will be unmuted when the Chairman recognizes you to testify. You may want to concurrently listen to the hearing on YouTube while in the Zoom waiting room so that you can follow along before you are admitted.
  • Please stay in the hearing until the Delegates have had an opportunity to ask questions of the witnesses.
  • If you are not selected to speak, know that written testimony has the same weight as oral testimony, and members do read your written testimony. It is automatically included in the official bill file. We encourage you to follow the hearing on YouTube.

St. Mary's County

As the Delegation Chair for the St Mary's County Delegation, my primary responsibility is to introduce and advocate for local bills requested by the County. To see these bills, you can visit this link: St. Mary's County Legislation. If you have any questions or comments regarding these or any legislation, please feel free to contact my office.

My Legislation

I have several bills I will be introducing for my legislative agenda for the 2021 session.  One I am particularly fond of is a bill I developed with Senator Carozza from the Eastern Shore.  We realize the need for more medical providers, and our bill creates a multistate compact for Occupational Therapists. A greater pool of qualified healthcare professionals will result in better availability and care for our community and citizens.

I am introducing a few other bills this year, including a bill that requires lifetime supervision of those convicted of sexual crimes against children; and a bill that waives the liquor license fee for St. Mary's County bars and restaurants. To see these bills follow this link: Delegate Morgan Legislation

If you would like to testify for any of my bills I am presenting; please contact my office.

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