Charlotte Hall Veterans Home Issues

I am very saddened to learn that the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home has dropped to a 1-star rating by Medicaid. I was made aware of this at a meeting on Monday evening with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Anthony Woods. As a result, the State is terminating the contract, and Charlotte Hall will be placed under new stewardship.
Before this meeting, my office had not received complaints about Charlotte Hall Veterans Home for nearly ten years, so news of this surprised me. Unfortunately, many nursing homes have suffered due to the covid precautions over the last few years. By barring access to visitors, the connection between caregivers and family members who usually would bring any issues to light has been profoundly weakened.

The state procurement process can be cumbersome. Still, the Moore Administration, especially Secretary Woods, has a good handle on the situation and a solid plan for going forward.

I support any effort to improve resident care and will continue giving Charlotte Hall my attention.
I have always felt a responsibility to advocate for Charlotte Hall. Only a few years ago, I restored $1 million in funding previously cut from the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home budget from the House Floor. (Link to the video of floor fight.  Link to restoration) I will continue to fight for the necessary funding and resources it needs.

Moreover, I am committed to working with the new stewards of Charlotte Hall Veterans Home and other stakeholders in the community to ensure that its residents receive the services they need and deserve. We should all be doing our part to bring back a safe and healthy environment for the residents of Charlotte Hall Veterans Home. Our veterans deserve nothing less.

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