CDC Revised Guidance

I am pleased that the CDC has finally revised its COVID guidance. The CDC says that due to breakthrough infections and natural immunity, there is no reason to treat vaccinated and unvaccinated people differently. 

The new COVID guidance from the CDC is about a year late as it has been self-apparent to anyone who wants to look at COVID data objectively and without political influence. In addition, the revised guidance finally acknowledges the absurdity of the discrimination against unvaccinated people over the past year. 

After reading the revised guidance late last night, I first thought of the CSM vaccination mandate policy. I want to let constituents know that I will be drafting a letter to CSM's Board of Trustees to ask that they immediately reverse their vaccine policy in light of the CDC revised guidelines. I will post the letter on my Facebook page later today.  


Sometimes we get busy and forget to say thank you- I know I am guilty of this. I want to thank SHA for what started as a 4–5 day road repair and turned into a month-long project of repaving the entire length of route 236. The road looks tremendously better. Thank you, SHA, for prioritizing this and getting it done. Thanks to the constituents that live and travel on RT.236 for their patience in dealing with the congestion. I'm incredibly pleased that this has been completed and looks and rides so much smoother. Thank you!