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upcoming fundraiser

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ACT Blue Illegal Donations

I want to thank everyone who contacted me to alert me about the James O'Keefe video regarding the hundreds of thousands of dollars in potentially illegal donations to the Democratic fundraising software Act Blue. After seeing the emails and checking out the video, I believe the issue of illegal campaign fundraising was a severe problem requiring swift action. Yesterday, I offered a floor amendment to a Senate bill that required the Special Prosecutor for the State of Maryland to perform a study on campaign donation irregularities. 

Election integrity should be important to both sides of the aisle. Still, sadly, before I could even read the amendment, the Majority Leader accused me of advancing "conspiracy theories" in real-time. Check the video out for yourself:https://youtu.be/GWcst3anZrI

To immediately call the amendment a conspiracy theory without the slightest desire to investigate the allegations is incomprehensible. This knee-jerk reaction is unbelievable, considering the evidence in the original O'Keefe video shows Maryland citizens being utilized to funnel money to Democrat political organizations. View the original video here: https://youtu.be/RnKCPK_OACc

Even though Democrats used their super-majority to vote down the amendment, Republican members and I plan to send an official letter to the state prosecutor requesting an investigation into these campaign finance irregularities. I sincerely hope we can resolve this issue and ensure illegal campaign donations do not corrupt elections. This issue is very concerning, especially when confidence in American elections is very low. We need to do all we can to root out any unlawful activities.