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During session, I try to make weekly updates to keep my constituents informed. I will also post other news stories and materials here.

End of Legislative Session 2017

April 14, 2017

The 2017 Legislative session ended with some clear wins and some losses. We see nearly three thousand proposed bills, and I want to share with you some of the highlights.

  • The St. Mary’s County Delegation focused heavily on county issues. Many of these local bills repealed obsolete and unnecessary laws from the books, others were passed to the benefit our community.
  • Without a doubt, the hottest topic of the season was the “Sanctuary State Bill”. Unsurprisingly, this legislation drew extremely emotional reactions from both sides. I heard more about this issue from constituents than any other issue - and by a vast margin, citizens are solidly opposed.  
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Maryland Sanctuary State Bill

March 23, 2017

Monday, March 20th was ‘crossover’ day, when bills must cross from the originating House to the other side. A final push to pass bills from the House of Delegates to the Senate resulted in a long day of debating and voting on the Floor.  One very controversial bill was passed unilaterally out of the House of Delegates by the majority party despite serious concerns and objections by Republicans. 

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In-State Tuition, who qualifies

March 15, 2017

During the Legislative session there are issues and bills that often fall right along party lines due to a fundamental difference in political ideology. However, there are also times when those differences are irrelevant, as both parties come together to address issues that are important to all. In this update I will highlight a couple of issues in which I opposed progressive ideology, and a couple of issues where both parties came together.

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Taxes and Immigration

March 03, 2017

Just past the halfway mark in the legislative session and I’d like to take a moment to update you on the legislation that I presented this week:

  • HB 888- Income Tax - Expensing of Business Property and Bonus Depreciation - Recoupling With Federal Law
  • HB 911- Motor Fuel Tax Rates- Consumer Price Index Adjustment- Repeal
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State Authorizes Power to Sue Trump

February 24, 2017

Last week the House and Senate took up a joint resolution, SJ 5 and HJ 3 for the express purpose of transferring authority from the Governor and the General Assembly to the Office of the Attorney General to sue the federal government at his sole will and discretion.

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